Wrap Around Case Packaging

Wrap Around Case Packaging, from the manufacturer’s point of view, offers merchandise security, savings in materials and adjustment to the product’s measures to protect it. These are the main advantages for this type of packaging.

In addition, different distribution channels place increasing emphasis on reducing waste and replacement cost. This favours ready-to-sell packaging, which significantly reduces the workload for replenishment by significantly reducing the time to unpack and place products on shelves.

This trend is deepening with the rise of hard discount retailers and convenience stores, which are more likely to use product presentation options on less labour-intensive shelves. This represents an opportunity for the brand to determine how its product is presented at the point of sale and gives them the ability to use printed designs to differentiate themselves on shelves. This trend fits perfectly with a wider variety of print options for Wrap Around packaging, offering the brand many options to include custom designs of corrugated formats for short-run promotions.

In many cases, the same box found in the store is used for e-commerce, with a delivery that no longer goes to the distribution centre or retailer, but directly to the consumer’s home, so greater differentiation and brand image consistency is required for this type of boxing.

As far as the product packaging is concerned, the Wrap Around Packaging is folded around the product and closed laterally by means of four short flaps. It is usually used for containers made of glass, PET, PVC, polypropylene, cans, etc., mainly for the food & beverage, personal hygiene and cleaning industries.

The advantages of this packaging are:

  • More precise product adjustment than the standard box, using most of the space, and protecting it from damage during transport.
  • Double use: transport packaging and display packaging at the point of sale.
  • 100% recyclable.

Wrap Around Case Packaging

Automatic wrap-around case packer WA7000

Designed to maximum speed of 20 cases per min. while minimising format changeover downtime.

High speed automatic wrap-around case packer WA8000

High speed and fully synchronised with electronic servomotor and intelligent speed control for 45 cases/min.

Automatic wrap-around case packer for glass or plastic WA8400

The ideal case-packing machine for glass or plastic with speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.