Stand Up Pouch Flexible Packaging

Stand Up Pouch flexible packaging or “doypack” have been designed as a vertical storage solutions. For this reason, the Stand Up Pouch flexible packaging is perfect to make more visible products displayed on the shelves of shops and stores.

This type of packaging has been present in the industry for decades and today has managed to occupy a relevant position in a wide variety of specialized markets, such as food & beverage, personal care products and household products. Specifically:

Flexible Stand Up Pouch packaging for frozen foods: The frenetic pace of life in today’s society is not a reason for consumers to stop enjoying a healthy and natural food for lack of time to prepare it. Stand up pouch containers for frozen foods maintain their taste, appearance and nutritional properties.

In addition, the durability and flexibility of these packages for frozen foods makes them very resistant, and they also remain flexible despite the low temperatures.

Flexible Stand Up Pouch containers for food & beverages: these keep the freshness of the product intact and protect it during two key moments of its useful life, transport and use by consumers in their homes. These feature two types of closure depending on their application:

  • Pouches with caps for juices, milkshakes and creams
  • Pouches with nozzles for all types of sauces: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato…

They are tear, impact and puncture resistant and have an airtight seal. The benefits for manufacturers are reduced costs and waste whilethey are very easy to use for consumers.

Flexible Stand Up Pouch Pet Food Containers: Stand Up Pouch pet food containers are designed to stand upright and allow easy access to the food. This type of packaging now incorporates a technology as advanced and specialized as the packaging of human products. Gone are the days when pet food came exclusively in cans and paper bags.

Flexible Stand Up Pouch containers for snacks: Stand Up Pouch containers for snacks protect foods such as biscuits, chips, almonds, pistachios and cereals, among others, with a barrier against humidity. These containers keep the snacks that they contain in perfect state of conversation during long periods of time in all type of environments, are easy to store in closets and pantries and very comfortable to carry to enjoy the snack in any place. They are very easy to use and very comfortable, both to carry and to store in cabinets or shelves, occupying much less space than their equivalents in boxes.

The ability of some containers to be closed after use avoids the need to have plastic or glass containers available to keep the product fresh for longer. In addition, brand recognition is especially favoured as it brings added value to the product which improves shelf presence and encourages greater consumer loyalty.

Flexible Stand Up Pouch containers for personal hygiene and cleaning products: At Mespack we specialise in the manufacture of packaging machines that work with stand up pouch for detergents and softeners with a hermetic zipper system.

Packaging Machines for Stand Up Pouch fill

Horizontal Packaging Machines

This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.

Packaging Machines for Pre-made Pouches

The SC-Series is the industry standard for pre-made flat or stand-up pouches.

Continous Horizontal Packaging Machines

The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.