Flat Sachet Flexible Packaging

The introduction of the Flat Sachet Flexible Packaging was, at the time, a breakthrough for small, low-cost, affordable packaging for all. Flat packaged products are best suited for samples and promotional campaigns. In addition, it is a convenient single-dose format and widely used for wet wipes. Therefore, its adoption has grown worldwide to meet the needs of every population. Flexible packaging dominates the market worldwide, being the material of choice both for manufacturers and end users due to its properties.

The growing demand for small and convenient formats in food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, healthcare and toiletries has led to an increase in sales of this type of packaging worldwide. There is a high level of competition in the market that has led the sector to present innovative and differentiating products and a new strategy in the world of packaging.

Price and packaging become a crucial factor in tilting the consumer’s purchasing decision in favour of one brand or another. Depending on the application, the flat pouch market can be classified into cosmetics and personal care, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, industrial and consumer products, etc.

Flexible flat top packaging is used for granulated, liquid or powdered products. Thanks to its thinner design than the stick pack and its more flexible format, it is ideal for product samples or promotions, as well as for magazine attachments.

Flat Sachet Machines

High speed VFFS multilane flat sachet machine ML-1000

High speed multiline vertical flat sachet machine up to 12 lanes to produce 700 sachets per minute.

Vertical multilane flat sachet machine for big formats ML-1200

Multiline vertical machine for producing up to 4-sided sealed 980 flat sachets per minute in big formats.

High speed flat sachet equipment H-170

Low cost high speed HFFS machine for medium size flat sachet.