Cardboard Box Packaging

Cardboard Box Packaging consists of a folding box of a four-sided package that is closed at both the top and bottom by four together in the center of the box and the short flaps are set back underneath them. flaps. The long flaps are folded.

The cardboard box is usually made of heavy-duty cardboard and is used for packing, protecting and transporting all kinds of products. Being a versatile package, this box can be used perfectly in both manual and automatic packaging lines. Mespack has a whole series of automatic case packers and erectors that use this type of boxes at the end of the line.

The advantages of Cardboard Box Packaging are:
  • It can store heavy and fragile products or send them over long distances.
  • It is very resistant to stacking.
  • For certain sectors the product is exhibited on the shelves directly with this packaging.
  • High recyclability.

Case Packers for Cardbord Box Packaging

Robotic case packer RE-150

New generation of case-packing robots. Maximum capacity of 25 cases/minute.

Automatic robotic case packer RE-500

New generation of automatic robotic case-packer. Maximum capacity of 40 cases/minute.