Flexible Packaging with Cap, Zipper and other aplications

Flexible packaging with cap, zipper and other applications allow consumers greater flexibility and convenience when consuming their favorite products. They spend more and more time away from home and therefore choose products in transportable, reusable and practical containers, which adapt to their current pace of life. Mespack is well aware of this trend and, therefore, all its packaging machines offer different possibilities of closures with cork, zipper and other applications to preserve the product longer.

The role that packaging currently plays has gone beyond the mere storage and preservation of the product. The reactions produced by packaging to the consumer are often decisive elements when it comes to defining the purchase decision in favour of one brand or another.

In addition to design, aesthetics, product information, sustainability, ease of handling and transport, product protection, quality and cost-effectiveness are very important factors when choosing a packaging solution. Today, sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects when making packaging decisions.

In addition to this new acquired sense of sustainability, closures such as caps, zipper or valves facilitate prolonged and occasional use by the consumer without diminishing the properties of the content, thus giving the product a perception of greater use.

Each type of closure adapts to these functionalities offering a series of advantages for each specific use:
  • Plastic caps: Plastic closures can be manufactured in opaque or transparent materials for products such as carbonated beverages, water or food. They can also be manufactured in a wide range of colours, which contributes to increasing the possibilities of personalisation of the final product while maintaining a consistent brand image. Mespack has equipment to be applied on the top, corner or front of the package depending on the needs of the product and the design decided by the customer.
  • Zipper: used for products in powder, granules, hygiene and cleaning, and also for small parts, whether food or not. Its use and reuse are very comfortable and appreciated by consumers for the perception of full use of the product.
  • Velcro type: with superior characteristics to the zipper format, it is used in products with greater added value. It is indicated for powder and other granulated applications and has a great acceptance in the food sector. They provide a very good presence at the point of sale and generate a good positioning. The zippered and velcro-sealed containers even allow a second use for storing other products, such as food purchased in bulk or even for transporting other items on trips such as medicines or cosmetics.

Packaging Machines for Flexible Packages with cap, zipper and other application

Horizontal Packaging Machines

This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.

Packaging Machines for Pre-made Pouches

The SC-Series is the industry standard for pre-made flat or stand-up pouches.

Continous Horizontal Packaging Machines

The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.