PAC-4R5 Series

The Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper PAC-4R5 Series is designed to optimise film stretching while improving load unification.


The Rotary Turntable Stretch Wrapper PAC-4R5 Series is a range of stretch wrappers designed to optimise film stretching while improving load unification. Built with high quality materials and finished with corrosion-resistant paint, it is ideal for high speed lines.

The PAC-4R5 features a rotary turntable system for automatic wrapping without the presence of the operator. It also has a patented system that optimises film heat sealing. As an optional extra, it can be supplied with a top press system for unstable loads.

This is a modern and versatile machine at the cutting edge of technology in the sector with its innovative Internet connectivity.


 Up to 25 pallets/hour:   ideal for speeds of up to 25 pallets/hour.


Machine operation can be monitored online by our technicians at head office or from local support centres in order to ensure rapid diagnosis of any anomaly that occurs and facilitate its immediate resolution.


As an optional extra, an active digital camera equipped with remote movement control can be incorporated into the machine’s electronics as an aid to system monitoring to facilitate and speed up the resolution of anomalies.


All control, adjustment and format changeover elements are automated and simplified, resulting in greatly reduced user intervention.


We offer distribution systems for non-cylindrical containers to suit the specific needs of each product and speed: electromechanical line divider, aligners, roller conveyor tables and product stackers.

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