MS Series (3 Items)

Stick Pack Machines for Low, Medium and Large fill volumes

Stick Pack Packaging Machines

We are proud to introduce the New Mespack MS-600, our latest compact Stick-pack machine.
MS-600 Stick pack

Upon request of our customers and following the latest market-trend Mespack has developed a new model to produce stick packs.
MS-1000 Stick pack

We are proud to introduce the New Mespack MS-1200, the only stick pack maker which allows 6 x 90 mm width per stroke, 300 sticks / pillow bags per minute.
MS-1200 Stickpack

Stick packs are much needed packaging options for today’s consumers. They are convenient, single-serve and offer with reliable on-the-go packaging facilities. Stick packs can be used to carry a wide range of items such as pharmaceutical powders, icing and drink mixes. Mespack is the leading stick pack machine manufacturers in India with many years of experience in offering robust packaging solutions to companies. We are known for offering quick and resolute packaging options to our clients that can enhance their business potential. Our products come with multiple stick sizes and changeover kits that allow users to customize their user experience with our stick pack machine units.

Here at Mespack, we offer stick pack machine for sale for all kinds of products and varying levels of production needs. Whether one is looking for basic packaging solutions or advanced packing mediums that can be used for large scale production, we can offer products that can surely satisfy the needs of our customers. Our stick pack packaging systems are perfect for food and diet products, drinks and liquids, confectionary items and even pharmaceutical products. We can customize our machines for a wide range of free and/or non free flowing substances as well as liquids. The compact design of our stick packaging units also makes it a whole lot easier for our clients to work with them.

The best part of choosing our stick pack solutions is that they come with a wide range of customizing options such as tear notches, different types of seal shapes and patterns, embossing, static elimination and other features. We also offer our clients with the opportunity to discuss their needs with ours so that we can design products that perfectly suit their needs. It is such a customer friendly approach to our work that has made us the leading stick pack manufacturer company in India.