This new model has been developed to complete our low cost range of machine where larger pouch capabilities are required without incurring into higher cost of more sophisticated machines.

This model is more compact and user friendly as all electric controls are integrated in the machine frame.

The H-170 keeps the rugged constrution which is characteristic in the Mespack program and incorporates 2 filling stations. Optional 3

High speed unit for around the clock operation with minimum maintenance and multiple filling capabilities. Ideal when limited floorspace available.

Machine H-170 S H-170 D
Pouch size minium 60 x 60 50 + 50 x 60
Pouch size maximum 170 x 200 85 + 85 x 200
Maximum volume 600 c.c. 125 c.c.
Out put P .P. M. 100 ppm 200 ppm
Filling station 2 - 3 2 - 3
Electrical consumption 8 Kw 8 Kw
Type of pouch Flat Flat
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