The H-145 is the smallest, most compact and competitive machine capable of forming, filling and sealing stand up pouches up to a contents of 500 CC.

The Mespack H-145 can automatically fill powders, granules, liquids or pasty products, offering a variety of fillers to suit each specific product.

The pack presentation and shape can also be chosen from the wide range of available possibilities, shaped pouches, zip-lock features, cap fitments to facilitate product dispensing, adding a straw for soft drinks etc. This model has two filling stations to fill one or more products into the same pouch.

Elecrical installation is integrated in the main machine frame, enabling to place this unit in a reduced floor space.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) through a 5’7” colour touch screen. This allows to control all functions of the machine, change fill dose, modify the temperature of the respective sealing bars, change different parameters of the machine as well as to obtain all production data, machine efficiency etc.

Our continuous effort in R+D to adapt our range of machines to the actual market demands allows us to offer a multitude of options at a fair price.

  • Noise level: < 70 Db
  • Reel dimensions: 500 mm. Ø
  • Electrical consumption: 15 Kw
  • Reel core: 76 / 152 mm. Ø
  • Air consumption: 300 L/min
Pouch size minium 80 x 100
Pouch size maximum 145 x 240
Gusset Min./max. 40 / 90
Maximum volume 500 c.c.
Out put P .P. M. 65 / 70
Filling station     4
Type of pouch Stand Up
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