H Series (15 Items)

Form-Fill-Seal Machines for Low, Medium and Large fill volumes

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

Small, compact, flexible, this machine it’s remarkable for its versatility, high efficiency and low cost.

This is a medium size machine which can be used both in simplex or duplex operation.

The H-140 has been designed to produce medium size sachets and it’s remarkable for its simplicity and user friendly operation.

The H-145 is the smallest, most compact and competitive machine capable of forming, filling and sealing stand up pouches up to a contents of 500 CC.

The H-150 is capable of forming, filling and sealing stand up pouches up to a contents of 1000 CC.

This new model has been developed to complete our low cost range of machine where larger pouch capabilities are required without incurring into higher cost of more sophisticated machines.

The H-180 integrates all latest technology and know-how of Mespack.

The H-220 family of form-fill-seal machines has been conceived for low, medium and large fill volumes.

HFFS machine with 5 dosing stations producing pouches of up to 2.500cc with edge cap.

HFFS machine for high speed production of small and medium sized flat sachet and stand-up pouches with zipper.

1-up, 2-up, 3-up and 4-up HFFS for retort pouches of small and medium sizes and maximum output of 130 p.p.m.

HFFS machine for high capacity production of pouches up to 10kg and 260 p.p.m.

High capacity equipment for small and medium stand-up pouch up to quadruplex and 260 p.p.m.

Horizontal packaging equipment for big pouches for big formats of stand-up and flat pouch with 3-up capacity of 190mm pouch width.

High production capacity HFFS machine of up to 360 pouches per minute for the baby food industry.

Mespack is one of the most reliable manufacturers in India of form fill seal machine units. Our Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine units are known for their robust designing, versatility, highly efficient performance and low cost. What’s more, with our state of the art HFFS packaging machines, you can also save on additional expenditure for power which is a major concern for many food manufacturing companies. Our HFFS packaging machine units are available in the form of large, medium and low fill volumes. Depending on the specific requirements that our clients may have, they can easily opt for the best packaging machine that suits their needs.

Here at Mespack, we can provide our clients with top notch H-series packaging machines that can automatically fill granules, powders, liquids and pasty products. Our machines offer a wide range of fillers which can suit different types of products. The presentation and shape of the pack can be chosen from an extensive range of options, such as zip-lock features, shaped pouches, cap fitments which can facilitate product dispensing. Many of the products that we have to offer come with multiple filling options for filling products into a single pouch.

Additionally, our H-series products also come with Human Machine Interface that works through a color touch screen. The color touch screen allows users to control all the different functions of a machine, such as modify temperature of respective sealing bars, change the fill dose, change the different working parameters of the packaging machine and obtain all the production data and boost machine efficiency.

Here are some of the distinct advantages of using our Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine units.

  • • Highly customized designing
  • • The best affordable products
  • • Easy handling and management of flexible packaging options
  • • Automatic and/or semi-automatic case loading and packing options
  • • Robust and modular packing heads that facilitate quick changeovers
  • • Product accumulation and collation, including downstacking and upstacking
  • • Stainless steel frame and washdown components with NEMA 4 compliance features