The new HF series works with top and edge spouted pre-made pouches. Thanks to continuous motion filling through the spout, the head space is reduced which allows 15% less film by preventing the wave effect.

This model is specially thought-out and designed to guarantee the greatest versatility. Thanks to its modular design, the HF series allows the addition of a pouch forming module to replace the automatic rail loading system. It stands out for being able to increase output capacity by adapting the machine to new additional lanes. But the flexibility of the HF does not end there, it can also work with different products and formats simultaneously.

Machine Pouch Size Max. Max Volume* Output P.P.M** Filling Station Pouch Type
HF-1200 160 x 300 1000 c.c. 80 1 Edge/Top spout


Final speed will depend on product and film characteristics
* Calculated for a fitment of Ø8.5mm (interior) with cap
** Calculated for 250mL pouches


Noise Level Electrical Consumption Air Consumption Air Pressure
< 70 - 80Db HF 1200 - 14.3 Kw 150 - 300 l/min 6 bar
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