Pharmaceutical Industry


The pharmaceutical industry packaging solution from Mespack keep you ahead of your competitors in a very strategic market.

Mespack’s Pharmaceutical Industry Packaging Solutions allow laboratories and other manufacturers to guarantee the good preservation of the medicine. This ensures product quality, stability, safety and efficacy. The packaging is an essential part of the medicine, protecting it from the risks it is exposed.

The pharmaceutical packaging and its entire market is very attractive due to its growth volume, even though it has very demanding regulations. Mespack’s range of packaging machines comply scrupulously with all the local regulations where the packaged pharmaceutical products are targeted. We work together with the manufacturer to achieve the maximum quality and safety standards. Mespack’s series of multitrack stick-pack equipment, widely used for packaging pharmaceuticals, meet all industry requirements and achieves outputs of up to 1,200 units per minute.

Production outputs can be increased with Mespack machines. If a line has specific packaging needs for the pharmaceutical industry, contact us to get more information on how we can help hit production targets.

Equipment that fits your needs


This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.


The SC-Series is the industry standard for pre-made flat or stand-up pouches.


The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.


The market leader in stick pack technology.


Vertical multilane four side seal machine.


Hygienically designed to meet the highest standards for food applications.


Secondary packaging and palletization solutions.