Pet Food


Mespack’s pet food packaging solutions meet a 96% minimum efficiency.

Pet Food packaging solutions from Mespack respond to a recent increase in demand for these products. This has grown enormously in recent years motivating the appearance of an increasing number of competitors in this sector. For this reason, pet food packaging is not anymore a simple protective element that keeps the properties of the food intact. Instead, it has become, in addition, a key differentiation tool that supports the manufacturer’s marketing strategy.

In Mespack we pack pet food in flexible and resistant packages, a perfect combination that provides multiple advantages for the producer and for consumers. Among them:

  • Greater production capacity and more efficient.
  • Significant reduction in manufacturing, stock, transport and distribution costs.
  • Functional and visually attractive packaging that stands out on the shelf for its shape and design.
  • Better protection of the product from external factors such as light, humidity, air or temperature changes.
  • Greater safety and comfort than traditional rigid packaging.
  • Our pet food packaging meets high standards of quality and excellence that benefit producers and consumers. In addition, by manufacturing easily recyclable packaging, we commit to protect the environment.
  • Whether it’s wet or dry pet food, Mespack has the right solutions to ensure efficient packaging with a 96% minimum efficiency.

If your production line requires specific needs and you want to increase production and efficiency, pet food packers are a real solution that is widely recognized in the market. Contact us via the contact form for more information and we will explain how to achieve your goals.

Equipment that fits your needs


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