Personal Care


Mespack’s Personal Care Packaging Solutions meet the current and future needs of the industry through upgrade and configuration possibilities.

The Personal Care Packaging Solutions from Mespack feature a line of horizontal packaging machines HFFS which are ready to deliver a wide range of personal care products. They satisfy the current and future needs of the industry thanks to the upgrading possibilities they offer.

The cosmetics industry has been manufacturing a big part of its products in flexible packaging for many years. Whether they are samples to promote soaps and creams in magazines or for the hospitality sector, nowadays we find 4-seal sachets with this products anywhere. Consumers are demanding more added value from products and greater functionalities. In this way, flexible packaging for single use or for use on-the-go enjoys greater popularity. Not only with the consumer, but also with the manufacturer because they improve sales and brand image.

In order to optimise the filling of this flexible packaging for cosmetic products, Mespack has gone the extra mile. Machines such as the H-330-6 are specially designed to produce flat pouches with or without shape and with a special top cap (or without). Using high-precision dispensers and a Clean In Place (CIP) system, this HFFS offers the flexibility and productivity required by manufacturers of personal care products, especially for sample production, which require many format changes.

Other equipment for packaging cosmetic products in 3 or 4-seal flat tops are the H-100, H-140, or H-170 are ideal for the personal care industry. These are high speed HFFS specially designed to pack creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners or make-up, among others. With productions of up to 200 sachets per minute they are also suitable  for packing wet wipes.

If the production line has specific packaging needs for personal care, contact us to get more information on how Mespack’s packaging machines can have a direct impact on increasing the production.

Equipment that fits your needs


This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.


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The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.


The market leader in stick pack technology.


Vertical multilane four side seal machine.


Hygienically designed to meet the highest standards for food applications.


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