Food & Beverage


Mespack’s provides solutions for coffee packaging, candy packaging, snack packaging, chocolate packaging and many other products in flexible formats. Mespack packaging range is designed with the highest standards of hygiene, safety, waste reduction and flexibility as some of their most important features. These are the most valued for food manufacturers whose manufacturing protocols are becoming increasingly stricts.

Mespack offers high, medium and low production solutions for any manufacturer who needs to pack their products in stand-up pouches, flat sachets or stick-packs. We guarantee a minimum efficiency of at least 96%.

The settings of the Mespack packaging machines are totally independent of the food or drink to be packaged. Regardless of whether they are packaging snacks, beverages, cereals, soups, sauces or any other food type, the configuration of Mespack machines can be adapted to the product to ensure an efficient packaging process. Starting from roll-stock or pre-made bags, our machines can manufacture pouches of different shapes, with tops, with corner stopper or front spout, with or without straw, with two cavities and different products, etc. we can adapt the machine to any format that the food and beverage manufacturer needs.

In addition, Mespack also offers Ultraclean solutions for certain products that require a higher standards of hygiene and safety.

If a production line requires specific packaging needs for food and beverage products, please contact us for more information on how Mespack’s packaging machines can have a direct impact on increasing your production with efficiency and ease.

For example, Mespack’s H-540 is a machine designed to meet the needs of high production and hygiene of baby food manufacturers. Taking into account cleanliness and hygiene protocols, this machine manufactures six pouches with rounded edges per cycle with choke proof top caps. It can produce up to 300 pouches per minute of 200 ml of fruit purée with a 96% minimum guaranteed efficiency.

With more than 800 machines currently working in the factories of the big international groups in the industry, in most of them as preferred supplier, for many years, Mespack is a leading company in the sector. The possibility of configuring the machines based on the pack-ml and 4.0 connectivity are clear examples.

Equipment that fits your needs


This family of form-fill-seal machines is designed for low, medium and large fill volumes.


The SC-Series is the industry standard for pre-made flat or stand-up pouches.


The fastest and most flexible HFFS machine available in the market.


The market leader in stick pack technology.


Vertical multilane four side seal machine.


Hygienically designed to meet the highest standards for food applications.


Secondary packaging and palletization solutions.