Ultraclean Packaging Machine

The most efficient way of preventing hygienic issues when developing new machinery for food applications is taking hygiene into account from the initial design phase. Our Ultraclean Series machines are conceived and designed according to the highest hygienic standards and include the most efficient disinfection methods for both the film and the spout.

Main features

Full machine in stainless steel and corrosion resistant rendered metals. Perfectly suited for washdown requirements. Self draining frame and surfaces 

Hygienically designed parts (smooth surfaces – maximum surface roughness (Ra) 0.8µm- no dead areas, no crevices, self draining, easily accessible for cleaning and inspecting). Continuous and polished weld beads all over the machine 

USDA1or 3-A®2 compliance possible under request
FDA3 approved materials
CIP and SIP automatic cleaning processes 

UV light emitter 4 on the unwinder for film disinfection. Ultraviolet light disinfection is an economical and environmental friendly solution for disinfecting

Compact, user-friendly VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide) system for disinfection of both the film and the spout. Servo driven synchronized compact system for spout disinfection and feeding. Easy and environmental friendly decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to the atmosphere.

Laminar air flow bench ensuring optimum film protection with ultra-high efficacy filtering (HEPA H14)


Mespack Ultraclean machines are the ideal solution for the dairy and food & beverage industries. They save both time and money.
Microbiological risks are either eliminated or significantly reduced 
Cleaning processes are simpler and quicker 
Short cleaning cycles mean longer production times and increased efficiency 
Lower energy consumption 

  1. Compliance to USDA referred as compliance to the guidelines established by the US Dept of Agriculture for the sanitary design and fabrication of processing equipment, Washington, DC 20090-6456, USA.
  2. Compliance to 3-A® referred as compliance to the 3-A® Sanitary Standards, 6888 Elm Street, Suite 2D, McLean, Virginia 22101, USA.
  3. According to FDA regulations covering material formulation and manufacturing.
  4.  Where applicable.


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