Fillers for packaging machines

Mespack’s fillers for packaging machines are designed to adapt our HFFS and VFFS machines to a wide variety of different fillers for free and non-free flowing products, liquids of various thicknesses, pieces and many other products.


Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter Bopp & Reuther Mass Flowmeter Endress Hausser For conductive liquids and pasty products composed of:

Pressurized hopper of 80 litres capacity made of sanitized 316 stainless steel including a two-way valve for product return
Electronically controlled inductive measuring system that actuates directly on the filling nozzles
Sanitized nozzles made of 316 stainless steel with pneumatic product cut-off system
Electronic independent control box with alpha-numeric display to pre-set fill doses and statistical display of all needed data
Filling accuracy +/- 1%

Volumetric cup filler

This system is used to fill free-flowing products by volume.
It’s composed of a stainless steel hopper that contains the products, which flow by gravity into a rotary plate with built-in cups. The cups are telescopic and allow a certain range of volume, i.e. 1 to 10cc., 20 to 40 cc. Different interchangeable sets of cups are available. Two types of systems are available – a mechanically driven unit commanded by a cam and a motorized clutch / brake unit. Fillers can be either simplex or duplex.

Auger filler

This is a filling system for free and non-free flowing products as well as dusty and volatile products.
There are two different versions of the auger filler – A/C motor with a clutch/brake system or D/C servo-motor.
In both cases, the fill dose is pre-set in a counter on the touch screen. When using a clutch/brake unit, the count is made by the impulses of a transductor through a fast count input of the PLC. This system is more economical, but needs periodic maintenance in the clutch/brake and is not possible to adjust the speed of the screw. Accuracy is around +/- 1’5 % for most products.
When using a servo-motor, the accuracy and the stop position is always exact with no inertias. This system does not require any maintenance and allows the speed to be adjusted along with acceleration/deacceleration of the curves of the screw. The link with the PLC is made through a port of communication RS 485. Accuracy is around +/- 1 for most products. The auger fillers are available in simplex, duplex, triplex or cuadrúplex versions.

Pneumatic piston filler

This type of filler is particularly relevant for thick and pasty products. The pump is composed of a 20 litres hopper made of stainless steel connected to an electrovalve. The electrovalve is synchronized with the filling machine through an electric signal, which enables a fill to be made at each impulse.

There are several pump sizes to cover fill doses from 1 to 250 cc.
The nozzles are customized according to the product characteristics and can be supplied with a suck-back or blow-off system.
These filling pumps have various optional accessories as heated or pressurized hoppers for very thick products, hopper level detectors C.I.P. facilities, etc.
Fill temperature up to 95 Celcius degrees centigrade.

Vibratory filler

This system is used for free flowing products that due to their characteristics cannot be dosed using a conventional system.

The vibratory filler is composed of stainless steel vibratory bowls, which provide a continous flow of product into the vibratory channels that are synchronized to the machine cycle. Vibration intensity can be adjusted to the characteristics of the product.


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