Pack Design

In addition to the product quality, the pack design is frequently a major factor for consumers purchasing decision.

When it comes to the success of a food manufacturing company, the packaging always plays a very important role. Research has suggested that an average customer not only pays a lot of importance to the quality of the product but also to the overall designing of the package. Due to this reason, it is always necessary to invest in the best quality packaging machines that can provide robust and flawless packaging options to food manufacturing companies.

Innovative packs

A very comprehensive range of different spouts and fitments are available to suit your needs.

Let's give your package the chance of a positive experience by making it better, more attractive and cheaper.

When we go to the supermarkets to make our daily or weekly shopping it is quite difficult to differentiate one product from the other. Our customers and their marketing teams are continuously looking for new solutions to differentiate their products on the shelves to be easily seen in the sales spot and offer a more appealing product than the competitors'.

Mespack is a leading manufacturer of food packing machine units for clients in all parts of the world. We take particular pride in designing and manufacturing our products since they have been continuously reviewed by experts as some of the best in the industry. Whether one intends to pack rice, wheat, tea, biscuits, pulses, spices, snacks or any other kind of food products, our top notch food packing systems can deliver reliable packing solutions each and every time. We can also design and develop powder packing machine units that can be used for packing various powdered food items such as wheat and spices. Each and every food packaging machine that we have to offer goes through stringent quality checks before they are approved for being sold to clients. This naturally increases their chances of presenting reliable packaging services to the food manufacturing companies.

Apart from offering packaging machines for dry food substances, we also excel at designing and developing liquid packing machine units for our clients that can be used for oil, vinegar, juice and other liquid food items. At Mespack, we also design and manufacture packaging machines that are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry. Since these are used to pack medicines, we make sure that our packing machines offer flawless results before we approve them for being sold to pharmaceutical companies. This makes our pharmaceutical packaging machines some of the best in the industry.