About Us


Packing is one of the fastest transforming industries and the packaging machinery manufacturers are really having a busy time to keep up with changing customer demand. Mespack India is one of the few leading packaging machinery, spare parts, and servicing providers that are well recognized worldwide for their uncompromising attitude to exceed client expectation. We have built a team of experienced and skilled engineers with vast experience in handling projects of different magnitudes.

Our diverse product range comprises some of the most advanced packaging instruments. We are the manufacturer and largest supplier of horizontal form-fill-seal machine which we have deployed in more than 80 locations.

When it comes to attractive and modern packaging, Mespack is a name that evokes trust among clients. We help you achieve the best results with professional packing, improved shelf life, and attractive brand imaging. With more 1500 machines in service we have also created a self-sustaining spare parts department at its various regional offices.

We put innovation into work in creating a leading line of packaging solution. At Mespack we have successfully combined product innovation and technology to help you improve marketability of your products. If you are looking for international level packaging solution then do not hesitate to write to us.