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    Specially suited for a multitude of products: granules, powder and liquids and widely used in pharma, food, and home & personal care sectors.

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    Patented Continuous Motion filling system allowing twice as much filling time if compared with a conventional HFFS machine.



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    Mespack India - We are India's Leading Packaging Machines Manufacturers

    A flexible packaging machine offers far more benefits over the traditional rigid packaging machinery solutions. Apart from allowing the companies to save on storage and shipping, it also produces reduced carbon footprint which is good for the environment. A flexible packaging machine also has a greater shelf-presence and offers a far better scope for marketing. These can be used for all kinds of industries, whether food or non-food. Using these machines can certainly increase your overall output, improve quality and enhance efficiency on multiple levels.

    Mespack is counted amongst the leading packing machine manufacturers in India known for delivering state of the art products. Whether you are looking for sachet packaging, stick packaging, premade pouch filling or vertical form fill seals, Mespack can deliver the finest machine products to you that can help you to enhance your market presence. It is our efficiency in providing the market with top notch packing machines that has made us one of the best packaging machine manufacturers in India.

    As a premium company, we have a wide range of products that can be used for packing different types of items. Using our products can provide you with the following benefits.

    • • Higher output
    • • Quicker changeovers
    • • Reduced design times
    • • Improved line integration
    • • Superior quality and safety
    • • Handling a broader range of materials
    • • Reliable pre-sales and post-sales support

    When you are looking for a packaging machine for your company, simply get in touch with us and discuss your needs and we will be able to guide you to the best products. Being one of the leading Food Packaging Machine Manufacturers in India, we are known for developing top quality products that are regularly used by well known food product companies. We can also present you with non-food packaging solutions that enable you to make the best use of your available resources.

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    Interview of Mr. Anthony Dsouza - Managing Director Mespack India, published in one of the leading magazine called Packaging South Asia - The magazine for Modern Packaging - Packaging & Diagnostic Technology & Packaging Supplement/ IPP Group.

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    Company profile

    The horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) equipment for stand-up pouch and flat sachet, and the vertical multiline form-fill-seal equipment for stick pack and flat sachet are the core product lines of Mespack.

    Our R & D Team is continuously working to improve and increase the efficiency of our packaging equipment working with any type of product to cover the strict and high market demands.

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    Nowadays, any product can be packed into a sachet made of flexible film.

    Flexibility, high speed and waste reduction positions Mespack's equipment beyond of our competitors'.

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    Mespack offer a wide range of packaging solutions - stand-up pouch, 4 sides seal, 3 sides seal, shaped pouches, with straw, top cap, edge cap, front cap, stick pack...

    That will help you to differentiate your product to win, adapting it to fulfill the different requests from each distribution channel.

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